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Play Australian Lotto & Powerball

If you’re looking for constant lottery action, you’ve arrived in the right place. At Lottoland, you can play Australian lotto for no fewer than five days a week. Two of the most popular games are Monday lotto and Wednesday lotto, which give you the chance to win a minimum of million dollars. What’s more, jackpots often mount up and, when the regular superdraws roll around, you’re in with a chance of winning a mighty $5 million. Take note that Australian lotto is also known as Tattslotto, X Lotto or Gold Lotto – the name varies from state to state, but always refers to the same game.

Another two options are Australian Powerball® and and Oz Lotto®. Minimum jackpots begin at a juicy $3 million and accumulate to an incredible $50 million. So far, the highest jackpot on record is $80 million, which happened in 2009. To see Australian Powerball® in action, get in front of the television or online every Thursday at 8:30 pm (AEST). You must choose eight numbers to enter – six from between 1 and 40, and 1 Powerball number between 1 and 20.

Of all five Australian lottos, the cheapest to enter is the Saturday lotto. Games are just $0.70* on Lottoland, so you can easily enter more than once.

Finally, one of the advantages of playing with Lottoland is that you can access lotto results online anytime and, should you want to boost your chances of winning big, you can choose the double jackpot option. This lets double your stake and, in the process, double your potential winnings!

Play Australian Wednesday Lotto

For any serious lotto player, getting a ticket in Wednesday lotto is an absolute must. It puts you in with a chance of sharing in life-changing jackpots, ranging from a million dollars to Wednesday Lotto Superdraws, which pay over $5 million.

From the outside, Australian lotto can appear complicated, as it seems like there is such a variety of draws. But, in reality, it’s only the name of the game that changes from state to state. In Western Australia and New South Wales, the Monday and Wednesday draws are branded as Monday and Wednesday Lotto. Meanwhile, Queenslanders call these games Gold Lotto, South Australians call them X Lotto and Australians in other areas call them Tattslotto. There’s no need to be confused though – jump on Lottoland and you’ll soon discover that playing Australian lotteries is a breeze.

What’s more, every week, you get the boosted probability of six prize divisions. Of all Australian lottos, Monday and Wednesday lotto give you the best chance of winning.

Play Australian Saturday Lotto

Established in 1972, the Oz Saturday Lotto features awesome prize pools that start from a beautiful $4 million and compound into massive Saturday Lotto Superdraws and Saturday Lotto Megadraws exceeding $20 million.

Taking place every Saturday at 8:30pm, the Saturday Lotto is branded across Australia as Saturday Lotto, Gold Lotto, Tattslotto and Lotto. Funds are combined nationally to guarantee a mind-blowing payout.

Lottoland makes it so easy to play. Just select the six winning numbers and you’re in the running to experience a multi-million dollar result. If you’re having trouble deciding, let Lottoland’s Quick +1 option help you choose numbers at random.

With a minimum entry fee of just $0.70* a game, you would be crazy not to play! There are 6 prize divisions, meaning you don’t have to match every number to win. With just three numbers and one supplementary number, it’s quick and easy to select and play.

Want to boost your chances of winning? Go for the double jackpot and Lottoland might reward your hunch with a double payout.

Play Australian Powerball

Lottoland makes playing lotto more affordable than it used to be. For just $0.90* per game, you’re in with a chance to win sizeable Australian Powerball® jackpots. These start at a guaranteed $3 million and grow into super-impressive pools, sometimes topping $50 million.

Australian Powerball® began in 1996 and is drawn every Thursday at 8:30pm. That’s why some people call it Thursday Lotto. Based on similar principles to US Powerball, this game generates huge payouts, instantly transforming winners into millionaires.

Here’s how to win Powerball. All you have to do is pick six numbers from 1-40 and one Powerball number from a choice of 1-20. Match the with the winning numbers and you’re home and hosed.

At Lottoland, you can vary your picks easily by employing our Quick +1 tool to generate random numbers. Plus, there are eight Powerball divisions, which allow you to win by matching just two numbers and the Powerball.

To be in the running to double your payout, select Lottoland’s double jackpot option. You can check the Powerball results anytime online.

Play Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto® is the longest established national lottery game in Australia and has been running since November 1994. The action takes place every Tuesday at 8:30pm (AEST). That’s why some people refer to the game as Tuesday Lotto.

Of all the Australian lottos, Oz Lotto® is one of the richest, rewarding winners with $2 million guaranteed minimum Oz Lotto® jackpots that rollover rapidly into super jackpots of $50 million plus. In November 2013, the Oz Lotto® Jackpot broke records when an unbelievable $112 million was paid out.

Here’s how to win Oz Lotto®. All you have to do is pick seven numbers, which gives you a chance to to share in seven Oz Lotto® divisions. Match all numbers and you get the lot! Take part for just $1.20* a game or take advantage of Lottoland’s Double Jackpot option to double your potential winnings. You can check Oz Lotto® results anytime online.