Latest Lotto & Powerball Results

Lotto & Powerball Results

Nowadays, it seems that everybody likes to know what’s happened in the world just as soon as it’s occurred. Mind you, if you were taking part in a lottery draw, one that offers multi-million dollar jackpots, we can well understand that sense of urgency. Our Lottoland team work really hard to make sure that, as soon as draws are completed and confirmed, then the results will automatically be available on our user-friendly website.

If you want to know these results, it might be because you are playing one of our terrific Australian games. Equally, with Lottoland’s expanded horizons, it’s equally possible that you could checking out EuroMillions or EuroJackpot, US MegaMillions or US PowerBall; maybe the UK Lotto. We even have all the results for many of these lotteries stretching back through the years, should you want to access that information. Naturally, our regularly updated results service also tells you all you need to know about all the prize tiers offered in so many different competitions, and other truly valuable result breakdowns.

It’s as quick and easy to play these games as it is to confirm the drawn numbers. Whether it’s a weekly, twice weekly – or even an every four minutes draw (and guess which one that is), simply head to Lottoland and check out the amazing possibilities for yourself. See if one of the many stellar cash prizes is heading to your Lottoland account. And, if your find your jackpot numbers have been chosen, well enjoy your new life!

Australian Lotto & Powerball Results

There are a terrific raft of lottery games native to our own great land. Which of them do you like to play? Is it the great Oz Lotto®, or Australian PowerBall®, the Saturday Lotto, or the Monday and Wednesday Lotto; then there’s the Tuesday and Thursday night Lottos too. That’s a lot of lottos to enjoy playing! Whichever is your choice, one thing’s for certain. After the draws are made, you’ll want to be able to access the results just when you want to and from wherever you happen to be. This is why our Lottoland team focuses hard on making sure all the outcomes are automatically posted on our website. In fact, they are so conscientious that they’ve made sure you can even check back through many previous results, often right back towards the start of the game itself.

Of course, having checked these results, you’re likely to be equally keen to find out about the prize breakdowns for every Australian Lotto game and discover the important jackpot levels. Visit Lottoland now, and find out everything you want to know about our terrific Australian lotteries…

*”Powerball” and Oz Lotto are Australian registered trademarks of Tatts. The use of the word “Powerball” and “Oz Lotto” is for informational and informative purposes only.

Keno Results

Keen to know about Keno? Here at Lottoland, we’ll have the latest results just waiting for you to check, and of course we make it quick and easy to enter. You certainly have to do that considering there are only four minutes between each draw time! You’ll also find all the results from the previous two days, should you need to check them.

The Keno draw schedule is as follows: every 4 minutes, starting at 2.34pm AEST – 4.34pm AEDT. The last for each day’s play happens at 7.54am AEST and that’s 9.54am AEDT. With 15 chances every hour to become a millionaire, there’s no shortage of excitement when you play the ever popular Keno! For every one of these draws, 20 numbers are drawn and they are located between 1 and 70. When you play, you can chose to go with between just one and ten numbers.

If playing this great game is what you do, then Lottoland provides a superb online portal for all Keno players. So, for all you need to know to play Keno, and find out how lucky you might have been, do head to our friendly and welcoming Lottoland Australia site right now.

US Powerball Results

If you are a student of the world’s great lotteries, then you’ll surely know all about US PowerBall. Famed for its amazing jackpots, and here’s why: just in January 2016, it set a new world record by coughing up a stunning $2.3 billion jackpot. It adds to this with a terrific 9 prize divisions, so its huge popularity is entirely understandable. Particularly to us Aussies, because many of us do like a punt!

It’s easy to enter this legendary game through our Lottoland website. This is also the place where you can quickly check up on the latest results – and who wouldn’t want to do that as soon after each draw as possible? All the draw results are kept on our website, and these stretch right back into the mists of time – well 1992 actually.

It’s so easy to play the game itself. You simply make your choice of any 5 numbers from a choice of 1 to 66. Next, you choose your PowerBall from 1 to 20. Job done! The US PowerBall draws are completed on Thursdays and Sundays at 11am AEST, or 1pm AEDT). Be part of the next draw by heading to Lottoland and making sure you enter right now.

Euro Millions Lotto Results

What might you call a pan-European draw which offers millions of Euros (or dollars) as its main prize? Amazingly, they settled on EuroMillions when it started in 2004. Incidentally, our Lottoland site holds every draw result since then. The draw is made each Tuesday and Friday evening at 9.30pm (CET). In Paris of course – where else?

EuroMillions certainly lives up to its name with some stellar jackpots. For example, its record payout of $267m is quite simply the biggest lottery jackpot ever paid in Europe.

Entering EuroMillions is as easy as everything else at our welcoming and helpful Lottoland site. You can take your time to select, or quickly choose, 5 numbers from between 1 and 50. Then supplement them with a pair of Lucky Stars choices from 1 to 11. Should all 7 of your numbers come up in the draw then, oh la la et bon chance, you’re a jackpot winner!

If not, keep checking, because there are an excellent total of 13 prize divisions across this amazingly popular game. Of course, such checks are so easily made at Lottoland, always available whenever you wish to access our website.

Easy to enter, quick to check, amazing cash prizes – it’s time to try EuroMillions at Lottoland.

US Mega Millions Lotto Results

Mega! Impressive, excellent, large, mammoth, jumbo – according to the dictionary. Do you think a jackpot of about $840 million dollars qualifies for this title? Thought so – welcome to US Mega Millions, where that 2012 payout is the second highest lottery jackpot ever won. Always a real favourite across the USA, it’s now fast catching on with those Australians who enjoy punt – and that’s a lot of us.

What you need to know to play: their draws happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1pm AEST or 3pm AEDT. Your entry needs you to select five numbers between 1 and 75, and then make a final choice of just one Megaball (1-15). Any jackpot winner will have managed to match all seven of these choices. If you don’t quite make it that far, the good news is that there are actually 9 prize divisions in every Mega Millions draw.

How you can check each game: Lottoland delivers all the US Mega Millions draw results, and our records go way back to 1996.

Play the game, check the results – it’s every bit as easy as it sounds when you come visit us here at Lottoland.