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Keno Australia Online

With a million dollars on offer every four minutes, Keno Australia at Lottoland offers plenty of chances to win. You can pretty much think of it as a Keno player’s paradise. There are few better ways to get in the running to reap a fortune: play anytime that suits you, with Keno Australia draws starting every day at 2:34 AEST (4:34 AEDT) and running right through until 7:54 AEST (9:54 AEDT). You’d be hard pressed to beat the non-stop action and thrill of having a crack at winning a sweet $1 million fifteen times an hour.

Giving yourself a chance to win is so easy. All you have to do is select from one up to ten numbers to play. Then, at each draw, wait for 20 numbers to be drawn from a range of 1 to 70. Back your intuition and develop a staking plan that lets you ride your luck to your best advantage, by increasing your stake to multiply your potential Keno winnings. Hit the jackpot prize by matching all ten numbers with a 10x stake and you will be grinning for the rest of your life.

There’s a generous variety of prizes on offer. So, even if you don’t match all ten numbers, you can still score a nice collect. All this fun is available for just $1* a game at Keno Australia Lottoland. Get started today!

Play Keno Online

Feel like luck might be on your side? Test out your hunch by playing Keno online. Draws are run and prizes are paid out every four minutes between 2:34pm AEST (4:30 AEDT) and 7:54 AEST (9:54 AEDT), seven days a week. And there’s a jackpot of $1 million at every one. That means there are fifteen golden opportunities an hour to make yourself rich.

Thanks to Lottoland, you can play Keno online today. The site gives you the freedom to vary your stake and the amount of numbers you select, from one to a maximum of ten. Then sit back and enjoy the adrenaline rush as 20 lucky numbers are drawn from a pool of 1-70.

Every Keno draw pays prizes that accelerate with each number that you successfully match. Your winnings are multiplied by your stake. You’ll hit the big million if you match all ten numbers with a 10x stake!

Don’t despair if you can’t match a number: you can still pick up a handy prize. That’s why playing at Keno Lottoland is so popular. No tickets have to be thrown away, and winnings are credited to your account safely and instantly.

Available for just $1* a game, Keno action is available to anyone – even those on a budget. So, don’t delay. Flutter your way to a fortune with Keno Lottoland.

Keno Odds

Are you looking for the best way to try and win a quick and easy $1 million? Try playing Keno at Keno LottoLand. The odds of hitting the million dollar jackpot prize are some of the most favourable worldwide, when compared with other lotteries. At just 2.147 million to one, Keno odds offer you excellent chances of striking it rich.

What’s more, you can play Keno all night long at Lottoland. The first draw begins at 2:34 AEST (4:34 AEDT) and the million dollar madness goes right through until 7:54 AEST (9.54 AEDT). So, that makes an unbelievable 15 chances every hour.

Look into it further and you’ll discover that Australia Keno odds get even better. Decide to pick just one number and you’ll have a healthy, 25% chance of scoring a winning prize. However, if you decide to go bigger by choosing 8 numbers or more, you can win a prize, without scoring even a single match. Alternatively, go for the big ten numbers and you can take home prizes with a minimum of five matches.

So, put the odds in your favour and punt yourself along the pathway to prosperity by playing Australian Keno at Lottoland today!

How to Play Keno

Keno is available every single day at Lottoland. Playing Keno online is a great way to bolster your chances of winning a life-changing million bucks. You get 15 chances an hour to hit the Keno Jackpot. Draws begin at 2:34pm AEST (4:34 AEDT) and power on early all day, with a draw taking place every four minutes until 7:54 am AEST (9:54 AEDT).

So how do you get stuck in? The first step is to select from one to ten numbers from 1 to 70. The second step is to select your stake, which can be as low as $1* or, if you are feeling lucky, bet right up to a maximum of $10*. That’s all you have to do!

20 numbers are then drawn for each game. To win $1 million, have a $10* bet on a single game and match 10 numbers. You can also pick up some handy prizes for matching just 50% of your numbers. Should you select 8 or more numbers and not get a single match, Keno will pay a consolation prize directly into your Lottoland Keno online account.

Play Keno at Lottoland. It’s never been easier to have a go at winning a million dollars!

Keno Win Strategies

One of the reasons Keno is so popular is that there are so many ways to win. All you have to do is pick a minimum of 1 number up to a maximum of 10 numbers from a pool of 70.

Keno prizes pay out according to the total numbers of selected numbers that you match per game. Select 1 or 2 numbers and match them 100 percent to win a prize. Or, choose 3 numbers and match at least 2, to become a winner. Alternatively, go for 4 Keno numbers and you’ll need 2 matches.

This exceptional pay out ratio of just 50% correctly matched numbers applies whether you pick 6, 8, or 10 numbers. Pick 5 numbers and you will need 3 matches to win, pick 7 numbers and you’ll need 4 matches, and, if you go for 9 numbers, you’ll need to match at least 5 numbers. These great odds get even better, as, should you select 8 or more numbers and not get a single match, you can still win a prize.

You can boost your winnings by increasing your Keno stakes from just $1* a game up to $10*.

Keno Results

With so many Kenow draws taking place every hour, it’s important to have have access to speedy, accurate and comprehensive Keno Results. There are fifteen draws an hour, only 4 minutes apart and, with Keno numbers being drawn from 2:34 AEST (4:34 AEDT) to 7:54 AEST (9:54 AEDT), there are over 220 draws a day!

At Lottoland, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a second-to-none database of past lottery results. The latest Keno results can be checked straight after every draw, allowing you to calculate your stake for the next game. You won’t find a better Keno results service anywhere else online. All the previous day’s Keno results are permanently available online.

There is simply no better way to play Keno than at Lottoland Keno Australia. It’s just a potentially profitable as playing at your local pub or club, but you can play from the convenience of your computer or mobile device – wherever you are in the world. Whenever you’re lucky enough to score a prize, your winnings will be deposited safely into your Lottoland account. Even if you forget to check a draw, you don’t have to worry. So, pick your lucky numbers and play Australian Keno at Lottoland today!

*Prices are subject to change. State price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing.